Your Favorite Disney Scenes Recreated by Puppies!


Have you ever wondered what your favorite Disney movie would look like if the characters were replaced by puppies?

Well we haven’t either but it really doesn’t matter!

This awesome video by Oh My Disney features some adorable pups in Disney costumes recreating some classic Disney moments from Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean and Aladdin!

Watch the video below and let us know which one is your favorite!

All of the puppies in the video are rescue puppies available for adoption in Los Angeles at Hands, Paws & Hearts.

Disney Releases First “Cinderella” Trailer

Disney Cinderella Trailer

It’s finally here!

Disney is showing off a bit more than a rotating glass slipper this time around as they officially release the full length trailer to their live-action version of Cinderella.

The film stars Lily James, as Ella, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden and Helena Bonham Carter.

The film is scheduled to release March 13th of next year.

Star Wars Episode VII to be Titled “The Force Awakens”

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

It’s official! Walt Disney Pictures, along with director J.J. Abrams, has finally announced the long awaited title for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film due out late 2015.

The next installment for the popular franchise, officially titled Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, will be the first Star Wars film to be released in theaters in over ten years along with the first movie in the franchise to include the “Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures” tag along with it.

Many questions arise with the title regarding what this may include for the story and the beloved characters we have grown to love.

With the announcement earlier this year that the books are no longer canon to the movies, premonitions on the plot are only speculation at this point.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is scheduled to release on December 18, 2015. What are some of your thoughts, concerns, and opinions on the title?

Disneyland’s Mad T Party to End on November 30th

Mad T Party Ending

Opinions were always mixed when it came to the Mad T Party at Disney’s California Adventure. Though it wasn’t popular with everybody, it certainly was popular to the point where fans would gather in front of the stage hours before the event started.

If you’re not familiar with the Mad T Party, the event was held every evening in the Northeast corner of California Adventure where guests would be surrounded by colorful lights, costumes and live music.

Mad T Party Ending

Each member of the house band would take the role of a popular Alice in Wonderland character whether it was Alice on vocals, The Mad Hatter on guitar or the Cheshire Cat on keyboards and perform popular songs from the 80s, 90s and now.

Between sets, the White Rabbit would DJ and Tweedledee and Tweedledum would MC making it an awesome modern party with a Disney twist.

On top of that, it is also one of the few places at the Disneyland Resort where guests age 21 and older could purchase alcoholic beverages (which are also themed).

The Mad T Party replaced the TRON themed event, ElecTRONica, back in April of 2012.

There is no word yet as to what will be replacing the Mad T Party, but we will be sure to let you know when the news comes in.

If you want to visit the Mad T Party once more before it retires, head over to Disney’s California Adventure by November 30th!

Marvel’s “Agent Carter” to Debut January 6th

Marvel's Agent Carter

Hey all you fans of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD!

Concerned about what to watch during the big mid-season break of season 2? Well no need to worry because ABC Studios and Marvel Television have got you covered. Marvel’s Agent Carter, the latest television installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel’s Agent Carter will focus on character Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell, who will be reprising her role from the film series as she balances office work at the Strategic Scientific Reserve and secret missions for Howard Stark, reprised by Dominic Cooper, during 1940’s America.

It has been reported that, similar to Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter will include several appearances by Marvel characters tying in to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and will center around the beginnings of the formation of SHIELD.

Other talents for the newest of Marvel’s television series include James D’Arcy as Howard Stark’s butler, Edwin Jarvis; Chad Michael Murray as SSR agent Jack Thompson; Enver Gjokaj as SSR agent Daniel Sousa; Lyndsy Fonseca as aspiring actress and friend to Carter, Angie Martinelli; and Shea Whigham as SSR chief, Roger Dooley.

Marvel’s Agent Carter is scheduled to debut on January 6th, 2015 during the mid-season break of Agents of SHIELD.

“Big Hero 6″ Review

Big Hero 6 Baymax

Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures join Marvel Comics to bring you the lovable, squeezable, and hilarious inflatable healthcare robot, Baymax, in Walt Disney Picture’s latest animated feature, Big Hero 6.

This review is spoiler free!

Big Hero 6, centered on our hero…Hiro, in a futuristic hybrid city called San Fransokyo, begins with a look into the next generation of scientists.

Hiro Hamada, genius bot-fighter and high school graduate at the age of 13, is persuaded by older brother, Tadashi Hamada, to utilize his technological gifts by inventing something that will change the world. This leads Hiro to invent his Microbot technology which can take the form of anything the user imagines. Read the rest of this entry »

Disney/Pixar Confirms “Toy Story 4″ for June 2017 Release

Toy Story 4

Howdy partners!

Disney/Pixar has confirmed that Toy Story 4 is in the works and will be released in theaters June of 2017.

The good news is, Pixar legend, and current CCO of Disney, John Lasseter will be leading the efforts of the 4th film in the Toy Story series and is pretty adamant about letting fans know that this isn’t simply a cash grab and that the passion for these characters is alive and well.

A lot of people in the industry view us doing sequels as being for the business of it, but for us it’s pure passion. We only make sequels when we have a story that’s as good as or better than the original.

We don’t just, because of the success of a film, automatically say we’re going to do a sequel and then figure out what we’re going to do.

The original Toy Story film was released nearly 20 years ago in 1995 and has spawned 2 sequels to date, a Halloween special on ABC called Toy Story of Terror and will be returning to network TV again this holiday season with Toy Story That Time Forgot.

Are you excited for another Toy Story film?

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