Disney’s New Inquizitive App Puts All Disney Quizzes in the Palm of Your Hand


Disney Inquizitive

Have you ever wondered which Disney character you would be? Which Disney quote should be your life motto? Which Disney song best describes you? Or even which host on Good Morning America you would be?…ok maybe not so much the last one.

Disney’s brand new Inquizitive app is now available on Disney.com and on the iPhone!

Inquizitive gives Disney fans a wide variety of quizzes to choose from and will provide you with answers to some of the age-old questions like: Are you fluent in whale?

The app is a ton of fun for those Disney fans looking to pass the time on those long road trips on their own or even with their friends.

Once a quiz is complete, you’re given the answer and can share it through your social media sites.The app tracks the answers to the quizzes you’ve taken and summarizes your personality as it applies to Disney by creating a personal profile.

The app is completely free and has over 60 quizzes built right in to a sleek user interface.

Download it now and post some of your answers below!

New “Frozen” Books Continue Anna and Elsa’s Story

Frozen Books

Last year, Disney announced that they would be teaming up with book publishers, Random House, to bring new stories featuring our favorite Frozen sisters, Anna and Elsa.

The sisters’ find new adventure in 2 new books, All Hail the Queen and Memory and Magic, with a 3rd title on the way, A Warm Welcome, which features everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf!

Books 1 and 2 are available now through our Amazon store!

Fan Gets Invited On Stage To Sing “A Whole New World” with Lea Salonga and Shocks the Audience

Aladdin A Whole New World

You may not know Lea Salonga by name but she provided the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in the classic 90s Disney animated film, Aladdin.

During one of her concerts, she invited a member of the audience to come on stage with her to sing the beautiful Alan Menken song, “A Whole New World”.

Nobody expected what would happen next…

“Big Hero 6″ Gets Digital Download and Blu Ray Release Dates

Big Hero 6 Box Art

You can finally take Baymax and the rest of the Big Hero 6 home as early as next month!

Disney’s latest hit animation will be available as a digital download on February 3rd, through iTunes or Disney Movies Anywhere, and on Blu Ray on February 24th.

As always, Big Hero 6 will include a ton of bonus features including:

  • FEAST Theatrical Short
  • The Origin Story of “Big Hero 6”: Hiro’s Journey (hosted by Jamie Chung, voice of Go Go Tomago) - Join the team behind the team that brought Big Hero 6 to the big screen as they travel on research trips to Tokyo and San Francisco and go behind the scenes of this epic film. Explore everything comic-book about Big Hero 6, from director Don Hall’s passion for comics to the story’s roots in a lesser known Marvel property. We’ll talk to Marvel’s Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb, who were consultants on the film, to learn what makes a good comic-book story, and how these devices were used to help create Disney’s “Big Hero 6.”
  • Big Animator 6: The Characters Behind the Characters - Join the six lead animators of Big Hero 6 as they talk about each of the characters and how they came to be the heroes they are now.
  • Deleted Scenes (intro by Directors Don Hall & Chris Williams) – Includes two alternate openings and more.
  • Big Hero Secrets (Easter Egg) - The movie is filled with Easter Eggs, and this Buzzfeed-type list piece will give you a sampling of some of the hidden treasures in the film. See if you can find this Easter Egg about Easter Eggs! (BLU-RAY ONLY)
  • Gag Animations (intro by Directors Don Hall & Chris Williams) – For fun, animators made alternate versions of scenes they were working on and threw them into the mix at review sessions. The directors will present some of these gags for the first time to the public in this piece. (DMA ONLY)
  • Beatmax - Check out some of Baymax’s greatest lines auto-tuned like you’ve never heard before.  (DMA ONLY)

Which version will you be getting?

Olaf in “Big Hero 6″ and Other Easter Eggs

Big Hero 6 Olaf Easter Egg

It turns out that our favorite snowman from Frozen could be seen in Disney’s latest animated release, Big Hero 6.

Fans love to discover hidden Easter Eggs in Disney and Pixar films and the video below will shed some light on more of the fun you may have missed while watching Big Hero 6 in theaters.

Did you spot any of these the first time around?

“101 Dalmatians”, “Aladdin” and “Fantasia” to Stream on Netflix

Fantasia Netflix

That’s right! 3 more Disney classics are making their way to the Netflix streaming service.

Last month, Netflix has announced that the animated version of “101 Dalmatians” and “Fantasia” would be available for streaming.

As of today, both films are available to audiences in the US.

“101 Dalmatians” is also currently available for pre-order on Blu Ray Diamond Edition with a release date of February 10th which will feature some never-before-seen bonus content that will not be available through Netflix.

Aladdin Netflix

Netflix also announced that Aladdin would be available for streaming at the end of the month but only if you have an account based in the UK.

What is your current favorite Disney movie on Netflix?

“Into the Woods” Review

Into the Woods - Rapunzel

This past Christmas, Disney released their latest live-action movie, Into the Woods.

Based on the Broadway musical from 1987, Into the Woods tells the story of 4 popular fairytale characters whose fates intertwine when they venture “into the woods” for their own agenda.

Their worlds collide when a baker and his wife need 1 item from each of the characters in order to break a witch’s curse which has been preventing the them from having a child.

Things don’t go as smoothly as planned and audiences are left with a cornucopia of events from each of the fairytales that swirl into the film’s main storyline. Read the rest of this entry »

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