“Frozen” Gets DVD and Blu Ray Release Date

Frozen Blu Ray Release Date

Disney has officially announced a release date for “Frozen” on DVD and Blu Ray.

Though they have both been available for pre-order through Amazon, a date has been solidified and, like the release for “Monsters University”, it will be released digitally nearly 3 weeks prior to being available as a physical copy.

“Frozen” will be released as a digital download on February 25th and on DVD and Blu Ray on March 18th.


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  1. trisha salazar

    i want this

  2. Lisa

    I placed my amazon preorder today, and its telling me it will ship by January 28th…I wonder if this is an error or if they somehow get it early??? any thoughts?

  3. April

    I got the same thing, I got an email saying it was going to ship between January 24-February 4, so I emailed them and let them know, and am waiting for a response.

  4. Miggy

    When will the movie Frozen will release in iTunes?

    1. Daniel

      February 25th.

  5. Jessica

    So if we ordered the blu ray combo with the digital copy do we purchase the digital download separately in order to get it in February?

    1. Daniel Nasserian

      Yes, to get the digital copy, you will need to purchase it in February. If you buy the Blu Ray copy, you won’t receive the digital copy until March when it’s released.

      1. Jessica

        Thank you !

  6. annamarie assenato

    i seen it twice so far i loved it it was scarey but very funny i give 10 stars
    i can”t wite for it to come on dvd so i can watch it i over and over again

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