Limited Edition 17″ “Frozen” Anna and Elsa Dolls Sell Out

Limited Edition Anna and Elsa doll

With the popularity of “Frozen” in theaters right now, it should be no surprise that the 17″ limited edition Anna and Elsa dolls sold out within the first 24 hours.

Pre-orders began for these dolls last Friday, January 10th, in Disney Stores and on the Disney Store website.

These gorgeous 17″ dolls leave out no detail. The molds capture Anna and Elsa’s features perfectly and the embroidered clothing is beautifully crafted with the designs matching Anna’s outfit and Elsa’s coronation dress to a T.

These dolls are limited to 5000 units and retail for $99.95 each. They will officially be released on March 18th along with the DVD and Blu Ray version of “Frozen”.

Were you lucky enough to get your hands on Anna, Elsa or both?

You can find more details on Anna and Elsa on the Disney Store website.

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  1. I HAVE to get these!!!

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