Disney CEO Confirms Bigger Plans for “Frozen”

Disney Frozen Review

With “Frozen” surpassing “The Lion King” as top grossing animated feature to date with nearly $900 million in box office sales worldwide, it’s no surprise that Disney has much bigger plans for the franchise film.

During an earnings call with shareholders yesterday, Disney CEO, Bob Iger, said that the company has big plans for “Frozen” which may include a sequel, bigger presence at the Disney Parks, a Broadway show and even a videogame.

There’s a lot of active development. You will see ‘Frozen’ in more places than you see today.

This has real franchise potential. We expect to see not just new product but continued interest in this and continued impact on the bottom line for quite awhile. Its success speaks volumes on the future of animation at our company.

How would you like to see Disney take the “Frozen” franchise to the next level?

“Frozen” will be available as a digital download later this month and will be released on DVD and Blu Ray in March.