Disney Launches DisneyLife Streaming Service in UK


Have you ever wanted a streaming service exclusively for Disney titles? Well we may be closer than you think with the recent launch of the DisneyLife streaming service in the United Kingdom.

Subscribers can pay £9.99 per month and have access to Disney movies likeThe Jungle Book and Toy Story to live-action titles like the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Not only will the service allow for the streaming of films but music, TV series and books will all be rolled into the price of the subscription.

DisneyLife truly sounds like an amazing 1 stop shop for all things Disney!

There is no news as to when this service will be available in the US, as Disney is locked in to many contracts with competing services like Netflix, but users in the UK can start with a free 1 month trial now at the official DisneyLife site.

Keep checking back for updates on when DisneyLife will be available in your area.