Disney to Pull Movies From Netflix in 2019


Disney fans were excited to learn last year that as of September 2016, all Disney theatrical features would make their way to Netflix as part of a 2012 deal between the two companies. This included all Disney Animation, Star Wars and Marvel films.

Well, that’s about to change…

This week Disney announced in their shareholder call that in 2019, all Disney movies would be removed from Netflix and that they would be launching their own subscription service.

Disney has yet to state what that would include whether it be just Disney theatrical films or if it would include other properties from the family of companies ranging from Star Wars to Marvel or even ABC, Disney Channel and ESPN programming as well as how far back the service would go.

A similar service, called DisneyLife, has already been tested in the UK.

Netflix has noted that they will still be working with Disney to retain shows like Daredevil.

Fans have had mixed reactions stating they didn’t want to have to add another subscription to their current line-up and other fans seems to love the idea of a one-stop streaming shop of all things Disney.

Either way, it was something the company likely had to do as it was competing with their own in-home distribution business.

What are your thoughts?