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D23 Expo: Beautiful Still From Disney’s Upcoming “Big Hero 6”

Disney Big Hero 6

Gorgeous still scene from Disney’s upcoming “Big Hero 6”.

Robotics prodigy Hiro teams up with robot Baymax to save San Fransokyo in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Big Hero 6.” In theaters Nov. 7, 2014.

D23 Expo: New Disney Animated Film “Zootopia” Announced


A fast-talking fox is framed for a crime he didn’t commit in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Zootopia” (working title)—in theaters in 2016.

3 Disney Classics Hit Shelves For First Time On Blu Ray

Today, 3 Disney favorites have been released on Blu Ray for the first time ever.

“Robin Hood”, Oliver and Company” and “The Sword in the Stone” Blu Ray combo packs have a simultaneous release and are available at your favorite retailers today!

Which one(s) will you be buying?


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