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Why Porgs Were Created for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

Though it seems like Porgs were created as a great way to sell toys, similar to Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, Porgs had a very functional role in the latest installment of Star Wars.

According to the films’ creators, they were faced with a challenge when filming on the island where Luke took up residence. That challenge was being able to film the natural environment while respecting the natural wildlife.

The Puffin is a bird native to the island and were vast in numbers. To the point where it was impossible to shoot without them being seen on film. The filmmakers decided the best way to camouflage the Puffins were to create a new animal that would blend in with the natural environment and from this, Porgs were born.

Audiences, regardless of how they felt about the film itself, tend to agree that these fun and adorable creatures were a highlight of the film…and provide a great source of protein for Wookies.

Disney to Pull Movies From Netflix in 2019


Disney fans were excited to learn last year that as of September 2016, all Disney theatrical features would make their way to Netflix as part of a 2012 deal between the two companies. This included all Disney Animation, Star Wars and Marvel films.

Well, that’s about to change…

This week Disney announced in their shareholder call that in 2019, all Disney movies would be removed from Netflix and that they would be launching their own subscription service.

Disney has yet to state what that would include whether it be just Disney theatrical films or if it would include other properties from the family of companies ranging from Star Wars to Marvel or even ABC, Disney Channel and ESPN programming as well as how far back the service would go.

A similar service, called DisneyLife, has already been tested in the UK.

Netflix has noted that they will still be working with Disney to retain shows like Daredevil.

Fans have had mixed reactions stating they didn’t want to have to add another subscription to their current line-up and other fans seems to love the idea of a one-stop streaming shop of all things Disney.

Either way, it was something the company likely had to do as it was competing with their own in-home distribution business.

What are your thoughts?

Disney Axes Auction Scene from Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

“We wants the redhead!” is a phrase that not only fans have associated with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction for the past 6 decades but it’s also been a marketing slogan for Disney that graces t-shirts and a variety of other products throughout the parks.

Today Disney has announced that beginning in 2018, as part of a refurbishment to the attraction, the auction scene featuring ride-goers favorite redhead would be altered significantly.

The auctioneers will no longer be telling the pirates to “take a wench for a bride” but will be auctioning goods instead.

This is not the first time that Disney has made changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Prior to1997, a section of the dark ride had the pirates chasing the women around in the city only to find in the last scene, the larger woman was chasing the man.

The update made it so that rather than be sexually suggesting, though as a naive and innocent child I just found the scene to be funny, they added food to the hands of the pirates and brooms to the hands of the women.

Overall, fans seem to be pretty mixed on the news on these new updates as traditionalist feel it painted the pirates in a true light and is a product of the era it serves to represent. Other feel that this is a positive movement in the quest for women’s rights.

How do you feel about it?

Changes are expected to happen in 2018 at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

First Look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins!

New Poster for “Cars 3” Sparks Some Emotion

Cars 3 Poster

Disney Junior to Reboot “Muppet Babies”

Muppet Babies on Disney Junior

Muppet Babies was a traditionally animated series that aired in the 1980s where all of the lovable Muppets you know today were scaled down to toddler sizes and went on imaginative journeys when their nanny, who we only knew by her sock, had left the room.

Disney Junior is relaunching the series as a CGI animated show in 2018 and will be geared towards children between the ages of 4-7.

Debbie McClellan, vice president, the Muppets Studio said:

Bringing Muppet Babies to Disney Junior is a wonderful opportunity to reach a new generation of viewers and to creatively build on the innovative original series. We hope to engage and delight the nostalgic fans while also entertaining new kids, parents and diverse audiences through heart and humor as only the Muppets can deliver.

Disney Removes “Moana’s” Maui Costumes and Clothing from Stores

Maui Costume

This week, the Disney Store removed all traces of Maui costumes and clothing from the upcoming animated film, Moana.

The film takes place in a Polynesian setting where Moana, the daughter of the village’s chief, goes on a sea adventure with her demigod friend Maui in order to save her island.

Though the film is slated to open the week of Thanksgiving, it has created enough buzz to warrant a slew of Halloween costumes…which was immediately followed by controversy.

Moana and Maui

A vocal minority felt as though Maui’s skin should not be used as a costume for the sake of cultural appropriation. The tattoos are a major part of Polynesian culture as well as the film itself.

Offended parties took to social media to voice their distaste with the costume and Disney had it removed from both their physical and online stores in about a week.

Do you feel Disney made the right decision?

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