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Disney Axes Auction Scene from Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

“We wants the redhead!” is a phrase that not only fans have associated with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction for the past 6 decades but it’s also been a marketing slogan for Disney that graces t-shirts and a variety of other products throughout the parks.

Today Disney has announced that beginning in 2018, as part of a refurbishment to the attraction, the auction scene featuring ride-goers favorite redhead would be altered significantly.

The auctioneers will no longer be telling the pirates to “take a wench for a bride” but will be auctioning goods instead.

This is not the first time that Disney has made changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Prior to1997, a section of the dark ride had the pirates chasing the women around in the city only to find in the last scene, the larger woman was chasing the man.

The update made it so that rather than be sexually suggesting, though as a naive and innocent child I just found the scene to be funny, they added food to the hands of the pirates and brooms to the hands of the women.

Overall, fans seem to be pretty mixed on the news on these new updates as traditionalist feel it painted the pirates in a true light and is a product of the era it serves to represent. Other feel that this is a positive movement in the quest for women’s rights.

How do you feel about it?

Changes are expected to happen in 2018 at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

African Children’s Choir Brings Belle to Tears at Disneyland

In one of the most heart warming moments captured at a Disney Park, this one not only have fans around the world filled with emotion, but it even made a Disney Princess tear up.

This footage comes from the Fantasy Faire area at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. When the African Children’s Choir sings and dances for Belle, the actress begins to tear up in what seems like a moment of pure joy.

This is the type of magic we love seeing at the Happiest place on Earth!

Disneyland’s Mad T Party to End on March 30th


Deja vu…

Disney Parks has announced that their resident band will be playing their final show on March 30th of this year.

Some may remember that The Mad T Party closed up shop on November 30th of last year in order to make room for a live Frozen event that never really seemed to take off.

There is no word yet as to what will be following the popular Alice In Wonderland themed band but hopefully it’s something just as engaging…I vote for the return of elecTRONica!

Kylo Ren Coming to Disney Parks

Kylo Ren Disneyland

Disney has announced that a character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be taking residence at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The Parks have confirmed that Guests will be able to “face off against Kylo Ren” in the Star Wars Launch Bay who will be greeting attendees on the bridge of the First Order’s Star Destroyer.

The new meet and greet experience will begin starting next month at both parks!

MagicBands Being Tested at Disneyland


Today, Disneyland park goers may have noticed some testing going on at the entrance to Space Mountain in Tomorrowland.

According to sources, random guests possessing a FastPass were asked to place the barcode on their ticket against a panel similar to those used at the Walt Disney World MagicBand kiosks.

Now that MagicBands have been around long enough to prove not only the convenience value to the guests but the marketing value to Disney Parks, it was only a matter of time before the system made its way to the West Coast.

There is no confirmed timeframe as to when the MagicBand system may hit the Disneyland Resort but we will report back when the news hits!

Disney Parks Raises Annual Pass Prices…Again


Just when you thought you were paying enough for Disneyland or Walt Disney World Annual Passes, Disney has increased prices which will go into effect immediately (October 4th).

It was only recently that Disney had increased ticket and AP prices but this latest increase seems a bit more severe.

According to the official Disney AP order page:

Disney Deluxe Annual Passport – $599

The Disney Deluxe Annual Passport includes pre-selected days of admission to both Disneyland® Resort Theme Parks and unlimited enjoyment of attractions (except arcades and midway games) during regular operating hours.

Disney Signature Annual Passport – $849

The Disney Signature Annual Passport provides an entire year* of Disney magic and adventure, plus theme park parking and Disney PhotoPass downloads- Disney Signature Annual Passport!

Disney Signature Plus Annual Passport – $1,049.00

The Disney Signature Plus Annual Passport provides an entire year* of Disney magic and adventure–with no blockout dates–plus theme park parking and Disney PhotoPass downloads- Disney Signature Plus Annual Passport!

All passes will allow for monthly payments but given the blockout dates for the higher priced Annual Passes, it seems Disney is trying to curb the crowds during peak times as well as prepare for the expansion of the upcoming Star Wars inspired land.

Guests will also be able to download PhotoPass photos at no extra charge. Continue reading

Aladdin Show to End at Disney’s California Adventure in January 2016 to Make Room for Frozen

Aladdin A Musical Spectacular

Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular stage show will be coming to an end in January in order to make room for an all new performance based on the Frozen franchise.

The show debuted in January of 2003 and has been a popular destination for park goers.

Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular brought a small dose of Broadway to Disney’s California Adventure and featured the original music from Alan Menken.

A particular fan favorite was Genie who would inject pop culture comedy into the show which kept it fresh and relevant over the years.

Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular will close on January 10th, 2016 so be sure to catch it before it’s gone for good.

The Frozen show will occupy the Hyperion Theater immediately after.

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