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Bambi Digital/Blu Ray Review

Though Bambi may have not been my favorite animated feature from an entertainment standpoint, it certainly is one of my favorite Disney flicks from a technical standpoint.

This revolutionary animated film is one of Walt Disney’s earliest achievements due to the sheer effort that went into the production of animating Bambi.

Bambi tells the story of an adorable fawn, of the same name, along with a forest of other lovable critters like Flower and Thumper.

When a series of unfortunate events leaves Bambi alone to fend for himself, some new friends step up to fill a void that Bambi was forced to face,

This month we celebrate 75 years of this classic film with an all new Blu Ray and HD Digital release that’s full of great features that make classic animation nerds like me weak in the knees.

As mentioned earlier, Bambi was an animated masterpiece of its time and the features contained on the Blu Ray show exactly what type of work went into making this film a reality…including behind the scenes segments which reveal exactly what kind of research the animators went through to bring these forest animals to life.

Also, fans are treated to some animated shorts when the purchase the 75th anniversary edition of Bambi but unlike newer features, the Blu Ray and HD Digital versions include an original Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short!

This is a must-have for any classic Disney fan’s collection and is available in stores and online.

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