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Georgina Haig Cast as “Frozen’s” Elsa in “Once Upon a Time”

Georgina Haig Elsa Frozen

It was announced today that Georgina Haig, star of the Fox series “Fringe”, has been cast to portray Elsa from the hit Disney animated film “Frozen” in the upcoming season of the ABC series, “Once Upon A Time”.

Fans of the show may recall the season 3 teaser ending where Elsa was seen walking away from the camera. At that time, there was no hint given of who would be portraying the popular Snow Queen but fans were hitting the internet with curiosities and speculations.

Well, the questions have been answered and the new question arises…Is Haig the best choice to play “Frozen’s” Elsa? Who would you rather see in the role?

We Review the Limited Edition “Frozen” Anna and Elsa Dolls from The Disney Store

Limited Edition Anna and Elsa doll

Not only did we come home today with the “Frozen” Blu Ray, but we picked up our reserved limited edition Anna and Elsa dolls as well.

Each doll was $99.99 retail and since we really couldn’t put into words just how amazing these dolls really are, we decided to give you a video tour in hopes that you will appreciate them as much as we do.

Unfortunately, these dolls are limited to 5000 and they sold out months ago during pre-orders.

Check out our video and we hope you enjoy!

How “Let It Go” Altered Anna and Elsa’s Relationship in “Frozen”

Frozen Let It Go Golden Globe

According to an interview with the New York Times, the story of “Frozen” wasn’t always about Anna and Elsa’s relationship. In fact, they weren’t even supposed to be sisters.

Originally, Anna was supposed to be the perfect princess rather than the quirky awkward girl we’ve grown to love.

When the story began developing, it was suggested in a meeting at the Walt Disney Animation Studios that Anna and Elsa be related and things started falling into place.

On top of that, it wasn’t until the song “Let It Go” was completed where things really began to take shape. The song led to a complete change of the screen play and drove home the focus of Anna and Elsa’s relationship as sisters making the movie what it is today.

Limited Edition 17″ “Frozen” Anna and Elsa Dolls Sell Out

Limited Edition Anna and Elsa doll

With the popularity of “Frozen” in theaters right now, it should be no surprise that the 17″ limited edition Anna and Elsa dolls sold out within the first 24 hours.

Pre-orders began for these dolls last Friday, January 10th, in Disney Stores and on the Disney Store website.

These gorgeous 17″ dolls leave out no detail. The molds capture Anna and Elsa’s features perfectly and the embroidered clothing is beautifully crafted with the designs matching Anna’s outfit and Elsa’s coronation dress to a T.

These dolls are limited to 5000 units and retail for $99.95 each. They will officially be released on March 18th along with the DVD and Blu Ray version of “Frozen”.

Were you lucky enough to get your hands on Anna, Elsa or both?

You can find more details on Anna and Elsa on the Disney Store website.

What “Frozen’s” Anna and Elsa Could Have Looked Like

With a recent update to the “Disney Animated” app for the Apple iPad, some artwork and behind-the-scenes facts from “Frozen” were added to the cornucopia of Disney Animation information that was available at launch.

One of the more interesting additions highlights some potential character designs for “Frozen’s” leading ladies.

Below you will see a couple of screenshots that show what Anna and Elsa could have looked like had the early alternate designs passed.

Though not much was changed with Anna, Elsa seemed to be a much darker character.

Are you happy with the way Anna and Elsa turned out in the final version of the film?

Anna Concept Art Elsa Concept Art