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“Moana” Digital/Blu Ray Review

Though Moana may not have been my favorite Disney Animation film of the past few years (don’t get me wrong, I still loved it), the recent digital and Blu Ray release definitely has some of the most robust bonus features available for a Disney film.

Whether you’re looking for behind the scenes footage of the filmmaking process, new short content or commentary, there is something for everyone in the Moana bonus features.

As someone who loves to see how much work really goes into these films, I appreciated the features which focus on things like how the character’s hair is animated or how they brought the ocean to life and made it its own character.

Disney has always been an industry leader in animation techniques and are not just an entertainment company but a technology company as well. This goes back to Walt’s creation of the Multiplane Camera which added layers of art to the original Snow White animated feature.

The features on Moana show just how sophisticated the animation process has become and how proprietary software has allowed for breakthroughs in visuals.

Some of the other features include a new short film featuring Maui and Moana entitled Gone Fishing and the short that debuted before the film, Inner Workings.

Whether you’re a fan of feature or a fan of animation and filmmaking in general, Moana is a must-have for your collection.

Moana is available in both digital and Blu Ray now!

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Disney Removes “Moana’s” Maui Costumes and Clothing from Stores

Maui Costume

This week, the Disney Store removed all traces of Maui costumes and clothing from the upcoming animated film, Moana.

The film takes place in a Polynesian setting where Moana, the daughter of the village’s chief, goes on a sea adventure with her demigod friend Maui in order to save her island.

Though the film is slated to open the week of Thanksgiving, it has created enough buzz to warrant a slew of Halloween costumes…which was immediately followed by controversy.

Moana and Maui

A vocal minority felt as though Maui’s skin should not be used as a costume for the sake of cultural appropriation. The tattoos are a major part of Polynesian culture as well as the film itself.

Offended parties took to social media to voice their distaste with the costume and Disney had it removed from both their physical and online stores in about a week.

Do you feel Disney made the right decision?

Disney Unveils Poster for “Moana”

Moana Poster

Disney’s “Moana” Announced For 2018 Release Date

Moana Disney Logo

The next Disney princess movie has been announced and fans will have to wait over 4 years to finally meet Moana (pronounced mo-ah-na).

The main character will be Moana Waialiki, a sea voyaging enthusiast, and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators. When her family needs her help, she sets off on an epic journey. The film will also include demi-gods and spirits taken from real mythology.

With Disney’s push to appeal to more ethnically diverse audiences (like Tiana from “Princess and the Frog” or Merida from :Brave”), Moana will be of Polynesian decent.

Rumor had it that Disney was originally planning on animating “Moana” in the same unique style as “Paperman” (the short animated film that premiered before “Wreck-It-Ralph).

Moana Concept Art

Our research has shown that may not be the case however as Disney doesn’t feel the technology is ready for a full feature length film.

“Moana” will be directed by John Musker and Ron Clements (“Aladdin”, “The Little Mermaid” and “The Princess and the Frog”).

Also, we all know that music is one of the most important components of a successful Disney film. Whether it is composed by Alan Menken or Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, a soundtrack can make or break a Disney animated feature.

Fortunately, Disney has brought on Mark Mancina (The Lion King, Tarzan, Brother Bear) so the score seems to be in good hands.

Sadly, “Moana” won’t be released until 2018. The good news is, there is plenty of Disney films to tide us over during the wait.