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Disney Axes Auction Scene from Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

“We wants the redhead!” is a phrase that not only fans have associated with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction for the past 6 decades but it’s also been a marketing slogan for Disney that graces t-shirts and a variety of other products throughout the parks.

Today Disney has announced that beginning in 2018, as part of a refurbishment to the attraction, the auction scene featuring ride-goers favorite redhead would be altered significantly.

The auctioneers will no longer be telling the pirates to “take a wench for a bride” but will be auctioning goods instead.

This is not the first time that Disney has made changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Prior to1997, a section of the dark ride had the pirates chasing the women around in the city only to find in the last scene, the larger woman was chasing the man.

The update made it so that rather than be sexually suggesting, though as a naive and innocent child I just found the scene to be funny, they added food to the hands of the pirates and brooms to the hands of the women.

Overall, fans seem to be pretty mixed on the news on these new updates as traditionalist feel it painted the pirates in a true light and is a product of the era it serves to represent. Other feel that this is a positive movement in the quest for women’s rights.

How do you feel about it?

Changes are expected to happen in 2018 at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

New Ships Sail In To Pirates Of The Caribbean At WDW

Pirates of the Caribbean - New Boats

Recently, Pirates of the Caribbean has been down for about a week or so with no explained reasoning from Disney on why it was occurring until now. As of July 31st, The Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World is open again with a bit of a surprise – brand new boats!  After getting to ride in them on the 1st of August I can say that they are very comfortable and look a lot nicer than the old boats.

On the flip side of that statement though, I did notice a couple of problems with the new boats, the first of which is that they seem to have a very shallow bottom in comparison to the water.  This is noticeable when going over the station belts because since it is so thin, you can feel the belt on the floor of the boat as it is moving on and off of the station belts.  Also the new boats seem to be tighter in the water portions of the ride and due to that they feel like they “bounce” more within the troughs.

Overall, it is of my opinion that the change in boats is a very good thing for Pirates of the Caribbean, and I for one hope that more rides get newer vehicles in the near future as some rides could use a new vehicle that is more accommodating. If any of you get the chance in the near future to test them out, just drop me a line at tom@disneygeekery.com, or in the comments below, and let us know what you think about them.

Also, while you are at it, feel free to ask me any questions regarding technology used within the parks or how some of the ride systems work at disney and I will be answering them in either a bi-weekly or weekly column called Ask Tom Morrow!